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snausageface 2326 Views ~ Posted 20-06-2015

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Multiple Cool heightmaps you will have to do the file sizing yourself, tutorial

1. Create a map on Unturned with the workshop editor, name the map and choose the size.

2. unzip the Height Map you just downloaded.

3. Go to C: Drive / Programe Files / Steam / SteamApps / Common / Unturned / Maps open up the map name you just made.

4. Size the map the way you saw in the tutorial.

5. Put the image into your Maps Terrain folder you just created.

6. Start Unturned and edit your map

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DABRIT 2 years ago

@snausageface Thanks for the height maps would be nice if you would update it with the sizes :-)

Also do you plan to add any more Height Maps?