Unturned-Planets Servers

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We will be getting some new Uturned servers soon, our last server host closed his doors after close to 2 years being with them.

1. Only English is allowed in Global World Chat.
2. No impersonating an Admin ( This May Get You Banned By A Real Admin )
3. Do not complain about being killed on our PVP servers its part playing on a Player vs Player server!
4. Respect the Admins of the server's.
5. Do not advertise other servers. It will get you banned.
6. Do not spam chat or you will get Kicked or maybe banned if you carry on.
7. No yelling in the server chat this means all in CAPS!
8. Respect everyone in the server , No racist, political or religious talk in the server chat.
9. Do not ask or beg Admins to spawn you items, cars or anything in the server.


Breaking or abusing your Admin powers will result in you losing your Admin Powers!
1. Do not use godmod , tp or any commands unless you are checking for hackers on the severs. (Abusing Powers Will Lose Your Admin)
2. Do tp to your buddys or tp them to you , Admin powers are strictly for checking for hackers on our servers not to use to play the game.
3. When checking for hackers on our servers use the /vanish first , but turn it off when you are playing the game.
4. Do not spawn any items, cars etc in the server not for you , not for players at all this is strictly forbidden.
5. Do not run around in God Mode unless you are vanished or checking for hackers!
6. Do not mess with other Admins i.e do not freeze them , kick them or ban them, if there is a issue let me know about it.
7. Respect the players on the servers and other admins.
8. Do not ban players you are not 100% sure are hacking or have broken the rules, if in unsure ask anther admin to check them out.


DABRIT - Head Admin
DBUCKUK - Head Admin