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Ricochetx's Modpack

  • Ricochetx's Modpack
  • Ricochetx's Modpack
  • Ricochetx's Modpack
  • Ricochetx's Modpack
  • Ricochetx's Modpack

UNKNOWN 2216 Views ~ Posted 17-05-2015

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Ricochetx's Unturned Modpack!


This mod adds 27 new items to make your unturned 3.0 experience all the more fun! Here is a list of what is currently in and if you have any suggestions feel free to throw up a comment!
. Megapack - Capable of holding everything your heart desires
. Large Gas Can - Holds 5 times as much as a regular gas can
. Python - Best revolver ever
. Extinction - Powerful pump shotgun pre-fitted with a holo site
. Large Medkit - Can fix anything short of cancer
. Silencia - Deadly military knife
. 30x Zoom Scope - Well... its a scope and um... it has 30x zoom so... yeh
. Large Bottled Water - This oughta wet your whistle
. Large Ace Clip - Holds 20 shots
. Large Cobra Clip - Holds 40 shots
. Large Dragonfang Box - Holds 250 shots
. Large Oakbear Mag - Holds 20 shots
. Large Ranger Drum - Holds 200 shots
. Bullet Proof Vest - Kevlar Vest
. Mars Bar - Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy
. Swiftscope - Old sniper rifle, a range 100 times the enfield, prefitted with 100 times zoom scope
. 100x Zoom Scope - Well... this one has 100x zoom so um... yeh... cool...
. Swiftscope Mag - Holds 5 shots
. Civilian Suppressor - A civilian grade suppressor
. Supernova - A pre-silenced military pistol
. Supernova Mag - Do I have to explain...
. Large Civilian Ammo Crate - Holds 100 Civilian grade rounds
. Large Ranger Ammo Crate - Holds 100 Ranger grade rounds
. Large Military Ammo Crate - Holds 100 Military grade rounds
. Stun Grenade - STUNNING...
. R16 Assault Rifle - A military grade assault rifle
. R16 Magazine - Holds 35 rounds
. Large R16 Magazine - Holds 75 rounds
. Dominion - Powerful military sniper rifle, could shoot a flee of a dogs back from a kilometer away
. Dominion Magazine - Holds 5 rounds
. The speedster (Car, ID 500) - Up to about 89 MPH

V1.3 will include:
. 5 New Guns
. A weaker type of tree, better for people who love to build

2000 - Megapack
2001 - Large Gas
2002 - Python
2003 - Extinction
2004 - Large Medkit
2005 - Silencia
2006 - 30x Zoom Scope
2007 - Large Bottled Water
2008 - Large Ace Clip
2009 - Large Cobra Clip
2010 - Large Dragonfang Box
2011 - Large Oakbear Drum
2012 - Large Ranger Drum
2013 - Bullet Proof Vest
2014 - Mars Bar
2015 - Swiftscope (Both 100x Zoom Scope and Swiftsope Magazine must be installed for this to work)
2016 - 100x Zoom Scope
2017 - Swiftscope Mag
2018 - Supernova
2019 - Civilian Suppressor
2020 - Supernova Mag
2021 - R16 Assault Rifle
2022 - Stun Grenade
2023 - R16 Magazine
2024 - Large R16 Magazine
2025 - Dominion (Requires 100x Zoom Scope and Dominion Magazine)
2026 - Dominion Magazine

Thats all for Now 
Ricochetx Out

Mod Made By ricochet
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kasumikirby 2 years ago

how do you install this mod