About Us


My name is Tony known by the name DABRIT , Aged 31 from United Kingdom.


I started Unturned-Planet v1 on the 26/10/2014 , for one thing in mind to make a all in one place for all Unturned players and creators to share and talk about Unturned , hence the forum not going as well as i expected due to competition of all the Unturned forums out there my forum was not going anywhere , i did see that a lot of people was using the downloads section of the forums to download the Unturned Mods, Maps.

So on the 03/02/2015 i started working on v2 of Unturned-Planet a place for all player and creators to download and upload there Unturned Mods, Maps, Asset Packs and the likes, also with a back end News section all about Unturned News , Updates, Unturned Youtube Videos and the likes, hence the script that was running the site was not doing as i needed , it lacked in a few things, the submit page would not work for 80% of users trying to submit there content , due to not knowing how to code and no other script on the market to do as i needed i desided to stick with it for a bit.


On the 20/05/2015 v3 was ready! , after a month and some cash i got a custom built script to do what i wanted the site to do in the first place when i first started out on this project,  the whole Unturned-Planet site has been remade from the ground up everything is new , everything i needed and wanted for Unturned-Planet is now set in stone, all issues are fixed and Unturned-Planet is now ready to accept Unturned Content yet again!


As of 29/07/2016 Unturned-Planet.com is the top number one website for Unturned Mods with top spot on google and the only website left that hosts Untutned mods apart from the workshop.