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Lake Island

  • Lake Island
  • Lake Island [WIP]
  • Lake Island [WIP]
  • Lake Island [WIP]
  • Lake Island [WIP]

Leif 16922 Views ~ Posted 05-09-2015

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Welcome to Lake Island,

the ultimate camping island with a lake on it! But that is not everything!

To have the ultimate island camping experience there are more Islands! One of them even has a campsite!

Isn't that awesome!?

But we have even more features! Cities! Roads! Bridges! An airport! Even a military base!


Unfortunately we have a small zombie apocalypse at the time...

But nobody cares about that, right?

Come to Lake Island for the ultimate zombie apocalypse camping experience! NOW!


Have fun!

Supportet Mods:

"Lights Asset Pack v2.0" by Zyrmox. (recommended)

"Tactical Camo For Guns" by Lunarpolitiks

"The Gun Box" by Fas-68-9

"KikET's Vehicles" by KikET 

"Tanks" by Fatsheep[NOR] 

"Lunar's Guns" by Lunarpolitiks 

"ATVs" by danny_is_dude 

"RV" by danny_is_dude 

"Fas's Outfit Pack" by Fas-68-9 

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luchito2003 2 years ago

Todas las cosas que suben aca es para steam ?? ?




OkTaMere 2 years ago

TA map est a chier 

OK TA MERE EN SHORR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DABRIT 3 years ago

I take it you have updated the map to Unity 5?


DABRIT 3 years ago

Your Map has been approved.


Nice Map too, love the screenshots for the map!