Get Rocket Issue Between fr34ky01535 And Nelson

  • Get Rocket Issue Between fr34ky01535 And Nelson

Well today i have some Unturned News that not everyone knowns has been happening the last few days , so i thought i would blog about it.

fr34ky01535 the creator and owner of the Unturned Plugin "Get Rocket" made an announcement on the 29th May 2015 at 8.39am that he will know longer publish Get Rocket to the public and was not giving any more API keys out.

His issue seemed to be a disagreement between his self fr34ky01535 & Nelson the Unturned creator , As far as i can see the issue was to do with every time Nelson updated Unturned it would break Get Rocket's code and fr34ky01535 felt that Nelson did not want to help and lack of support that fr34ky01535 felt Nelson was giving.


Quoted from what fr34ky01535 said in the Rocket for Unturned no longer available for download thread.

"Hi peeps, today I got to announce that the coming build are not going to be published to the public. We are also not giving out more API keys. There are different reason for this which I am going to explain now. First off Rockets development was a mess as I had to decisions the original game and somehow build the features upon the mess Nelson already created. I tried my best to offer a good generic API for developers but even now itÂÂ’s not possible to change basic game features without having to work with Nelsons code, instead of the API. I started generalizing Rocket and was able to decouple the most functions of the API in Rocket 4.0, which would allow me to use the API even in other Unity games. I have to admit it was a lil bit having two strings to my bow, as i was looking out for other games to start developing for. The goal is to have Rocket plugins working in MULTIPLE games, without the needed effort to recreate them. Coming back to Unturned, Nelson never actually supported Rocket other than sometimes helping us deobfascuating his code or explaining workflows which weren't that easy to follow. We had no major advantage over all the hack developers, and the only time he mentioned us was in the patch notes - when he announced that the update breaks Rocket. And it did. Over and over again."

Now with that being said i thought it was kinda strange the way fr34ky01535 posted about this without any warning , to me it looked like fr34ky01535 was angry, as everyone knows when your angry you make rash decisions that you later regret.

Yes i was right because a few hours later well 13 hours later fr34ky01535 posted yet anther announcement that Rocket for Unturned back on track

Quoted from what fr34ky01535 said in the Rocket for Unturned back on track thread.

"Welcome back Ladies & Gentlemen, First of all thanks to all your wishes, It was interesting to see how many different people were using Rocket for their servers. (As they are usually just contacting me when downloading didn't work anymore - haha ;D) I realized that making the last move - making Rocket private was wrong. The community somehow powers this mod, and even if i haven't cared about that so much in the past, I will make sure that communication to you all will be more transparent - and less being mad & writing with anger between the lines. Nelson and I both made mistakes, we had basically a big misunderstanding yesterday, things gone wild & cars exploded. I have to correct my statement though as Nelson is not trying to make a cash cow out of this game, nor ignoring mod support. He simply had not much time for features I asked him for, having in mind that Unturned 3 developed so fast and hunting is still on the agenda, this is not a surprise. We both agreed on working better together, and trying to listen to each otherÂÂ’s words ;D. I hereby want to say sorry to Nelson, for that i have not acted in your interest - as it was important for you, but also to Zami for not really appreciating your work, both of you do a great job & you know it :) False_Chicken, I love you too :D Having this said, have fun exploring more bugs in Rocket & promise to also visit in-between broken versions of Rocket :P"

Well that did not take long , due to what fr34ky01535 said on his announcement post is that he realized that making Get Rocket private was wrong as the mod is community driven.

fr34ky01535 stated that he was also writing out of anger when he posted about Get Rocket was not going to be public no more, he also said that his self fr34ky01535 and Nelson both made mistakes and it was a big misunderstanding between the two , fr34ky01535 & Nelson has now agreed to work better together and listen to each other better.

So with that all being said , Im happy to see that Get Rocket is back on track with a new update and everything between fr34ky01535 & Nelson is all sorted out!!

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