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Hello All

Welcome to the Interviews Blog Section of Unturned-Planet and to kick start us off what better way to than to Interview one of the up and coming Unturned Community YouTubers XDTOMASXD or his real name Tomas , Some of you may know him, some of you mite be asking your selfs who is he, So without any more chatting lets get on with the Interview with the questions i sent his way.



Q: Whats your real name?

A: Tomas.

Q: How old are you?

A: I'm 18 years old.

Q: What country are you from?

A: I'm from a small country called Lithuania.

Q: When did you first realize you wanted to be a Youtuber?

A: In 2012, when i started doing minecraft videos, but i stopped, because I didn't really like my voices that much.

Q: Was there a reason why you choose Unturned as the game to start up YouTube?

A: I just love survival games and I knew that my PC cannot run any of the newest games, so i thought i would give this a go. First of all i started doing twitch streaming and playing unturned, but then lot of people wanted to see me doing youtube, so here you go, i am doing youtube now.

Q: Did you ever expect to get to the 3k subscribers on Youtube in such a short time?

A: Yeah i did, but not in such a short time though.

Q: What are your own goals for Youtube, Like how many subscribers you would like to have within the next 6 months?

A: My goal of Youtube right now is actually to prove my parents, that this could be a real job for me, because they don't believe me and they just do whatever they can to stop me. In the next 6 months i'm gonna try to reach 10k, it is definitely going to be hard, but as i said my main goal is to live my life without parents help.

Q: Have you got any ideas or thoughts to move into any other games in the future or are you going to be sticking with Unturned 110%?

A: When i'm gonna be getting a new pc, I will probably gonna start playing some other games and record them, so i wouldn't get bored of doing just unturned.

Q: When do you plan to make the Unturned Origins Series videos as i know you have planned this for a long time since Unturned was in v2.2.5?

A: I will start doing this series, when i'm gonna be getting a new pc and when Nelson Sexton gonna put Unturned 3.0 in the main branch. From 2.0 times i was just practicing to edit better the videos, watching all kinds of zombie apocalypse movies and finding the best music i could get for this series and actually i got a 1 episode of unturned origins story script already done.

Q: What are your plans on Youtube in the future , like videos and such without going into to much detail and spoiling it for us all?

A: Definitely my biggest plan is to create Unturned Origins right now, but in the future i would like to make my videos that could even inspire people to do better things in their lifes.

Q: How come you have never done a Q&A on your YouTube channel like most YouTubers is there a reason or are you waiting for a subscriber mark before you do this?

A: Yeah i haven't done one yet, because i talk with my viewers and answer their questions whenever they write me something, but i believe i might do one in the future :)

Q: Any idea when you will start streaming on Twitch again?

A: Well i do stream from time to time still, but i haven't been doing this regularly, so probably when i get a new pc, then i will start doing it, so i could get better quality streaming.

Q: From the Youtube/Twitch community who is your biggest inspiration and why?

A: Youtube, i just love to watch those short films on it with a good idea, but in the future i would like to do both, Youtube and Twitch.

Q: Do you every find your self watching others Unturned videos on Youtube , If so who do you like to watch & why?

A: Yeah i do, I watch almost every new unturned video, atleast in those bigger channels like: Melikebigboom, Tribros, etc... I usually just wanna get some inspiration for doing my own videos.

Q: I know you made a Mod called "Beautiful Lighting For Maps" do you have any plans on making more mods or maps for Unturned in the future?

A: Well, I always think about making a map for unturned, but i gotta get a good idea first.

Q: If you had any advice for anyone wanting to get into Youtube , Twitch , what would the advice be?

A: Work hard, do whatever you can do to improve your channel, advertise your channel and don't even try to be lazy, because you won't improve.

Q: What are you most looking froward to in Unturned v3 when its fully out of beta?

A: Better multiplayer performance, bug fixes, cinematic free look camera, animals and maybe even airplanes.

Q: What is your favorite Map & Mod at this very moment in time for Unturned?

A: There is a mod called: kikET's vehicles, it has such a cool cars in it, so that might be the best mod for me, but for the map i got 2 favorite ones: VinisLand and Greensquare Island.



Well thank you very much for taking the time out to do this interview XDTOMASXD and we all wish you the best of luck on hitting that 10k Subscriber mark & to your future YouTube videos!!

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DABRIT 9 years ago

Thanks again XDTOMASXD for taking the time to make this interview happen!

Hope you all enjoyed the first ever interview from Unturned-Planet , Let us know if there is anyone else you would like to see interviewed.