Unturned-Planet Changes & Stats

  • Unturned-Planet Changes & Stats

So it has been a while since i posted some updates or news about Unturned-Planet.

Well since the release of Unturned v3 from beta to main batch , i desided to change up the categorys on Unturned-Planet.

I have removed some categorys and added, renamed some categorys on Unturned-Planet.

Categorys Changes Made:
Removed Unturned v3 Maps
Removed Unturned v3 Mods
Removed Unturned v3 Asset Packs
Removed Height Maps Category
Renamed Asset Packs Category To Objects
Added Weapons
Added Items
Added Vehicles
Added Misc

These changes should help you find what Unturned Mods you are looking for and make the website navagation a lot easyer.

Site Stats (Posted 10 July 2015):

We have a total of 231 Files On Unturned-Planet
We have had 33,080 Files Downloaded
We have had 82,075 File Views
We have had 139 Comments Posted
We have 229 Users Signed Up

If anyone has any feedback or ideas on what would be great to be added on Unturned-Planet let me know on the comments below.