Unturned Update Notes

  • Unturned Update Notes
Steam Economy:

The Steam economy is now fully integrated into Unturned spanning from trading cosmetics to selling them on the Community Market! This allows you to give your character a unique appearance and keep that appearance between servers regardless of what loot you find.

The easiest way to get cosmetics into your Steam backpack is to play the game! After playing a certain amount of time you will occasionally see a cosmetic drop notification showing what has been given to you. Feel free to sell it on the market to make some money!

The rarest drops are Mystery Boxes which, when opened, will give you a random super rare mystery item, or if you're extra lucky you might even get one that has a special effect like fire or sparkles! These require a key to open which cost $1 or your currency equivalent, and are a new way to help support the game if the Gold upgrade price seems a bit steep.

While in-game if you find an item you would like to show instead of your cosmetics, for example a ghillie suit, you can click the button underneath your character preview to toggle them on and off.

If you would like to get your own cosmetics into Unturned's economy you can submit one to the curated Workshop! More details on how to do that can be found here:

Update Notes


  • Added quad. [ID 67-74]
  • Added reset world button to the singleplayer menu. [Finally, after sooo many requests]
  • Added secondary suit, tie and tophat for Gold members.
  • Added clothing view/context menu.
  • Added support for metallic textures on shirts/pants.
  • Added destroyed quad models to editor.


  • Improved design of smartlydressedgames.com. [Previous one was a blank page]
  • Improved formatting of in-menu patch notes.


  • Tweaked cold environments to increase calorie consumption.
  • Tweaked warmblooded skill to reduce calorie consumption as a bonus.
  • Tweaked Gold tuxedo pants to have a Gold chain.
  • Tweaked desert uniform flag country.


  • Fixed spawning on beds outside the playable area.
  • Fixed empty location node on Yukon. [Thanks konig and everyone on his server]
  • Fixed saving location nodes with no name value.
  • Fixed clothing menu scaling issues.
  • Fixed blurry edges of scaled item icons.
  • Fixed loading empty item tables.
  • Fixed pressing escape after closing an alert on the menu.
  • Fixed beds on vehicles to properly transfer ownership.

The in-menu patch notes now show just the changes portion of each announcement, and should fit better on most screens.

Originally the quad was going to be part of the USA map update, but it was too much fun to make so I did it a couple days ago!