Unturned Update Notes

  • Unturned Update Notes

When PEI first came out it had to balance every different playstyle from hardcore survival to casual combat. With the addition of the Yukon map those hardcore survival players have a huge harsh location to explore and build bases, and it is the perfect location to begin adding more complex survival mechanics such as temperature and aggressive animals in the future.

Next up I would like to create a map set somewhere in the USA for the opposite side of the playstyle spectrum which will have a much stronger military presence fit for lots of fun PvPing as well as crazy locations to find like a racetrack with racecars.

With those two maps PEI can then be balanced to somewhere in between the extremes, more hardcore mechanics can be added to the Yukon and new weapons can be added to the USA.

What do you think of this plan?
What sort of things would you like to see in the USA map?

Warning: Today's update contains some of the new items/vehicles intended for the USA map, so if you want to experience it all for the first time when this map comes out make sure not to spawn in the sabertooth, peacemaker, heartbreaker, golfcart or taxi.

Update Notes:


  • Added sabertooth. [ID 1018]
  • Added sabertooth magazine. [ID 1020]
  • Added avenger. [ID 1021]
  • Added avenger magazine. [ID 1022]
  • Added police baton. [ID 1023]
  • Added peacemaker. [ID 1024]
  • Added peacemaker magazine. [ID 1026]
  • Added viper. [ID 1027]
  • Added viper magazine. [ID 1029]
  • Added frying pan. [ID 1030]
  • Added shovel. [ID 1031]
  • Added crowbar. [ID 1032]
  • Added paddle. [ID 1033]
  • Added pitchfork. [ID 1034]
  • Added machete. [ID 1035]
  • Added katana. [ID 1036]
  • Added heartbreaker. [ID 1037]
  • Added kryzkarek. [ID 1039]
  • Added kryzkarek magazine. [ID 1040]
  • Added golfcart. [ID 75]
  • Added taxi. [ID 76]
  • Added ability to inspect attachments and melee. [Default F]
  • Added support for animation named "Inspect" on any item.
  • Added official wallpaper background to Unturned/Extras folder.
  • Added friends server list browser in-menu.
  • Added current player count to in-game playerlist.
  • Added example animal bundle to the sources folder.
  • Added refresh button to inventory screen.
  • Added exit button to menu and return button to pause menus.
  • Added destroyed golfcart and taxi models to the editor.
  • Added empty itemdef issue report screen.
  • Added maxplayers warning.


  • Improved manually spawned guns to have full ammo.
  • Improved bloom to work on viewmodel.
  • Improved in-menu server browser options and layout.
  • Improved appearance of fire, blowtorch, muzzle, spark and explosion particle effects.
  • Improved appearance of glowing, electric, divine and rainbow mythical effects.
  • Improved cobra/deagle iron sights to glow in the dark.
  • Improved pistol animations.
  • Improved example assets to use importable .unitypackage files.
  • Improved clothing menu to show equip/dequip.
  • Improved inventory networking.


  • Tweaked clothing menu name.
  • Tweaked in-game swap button position.
  • Tweaked horde label text.
  • Tweaked snayperskya to accept ranger suppressor.
  • Tweaked masterkey one less slot wide.
  • Tweaked item spawns on PEI.
  • Tweaked item spawns in the Yukon.


  • Fixed super bright water in dual render scope.
  • Fixed rotated ace/cobra/colt/deagle ADS animation.
  • Fixed resource exploit.
  • Fixed jumping on edge of object like tree bark.
  • Fixed lack of chainsaws in the Yukon.
  • Fixed out of sync item/icon IDs.
  • Fixed duplicate counters at Yukon ski lodge.
  • Fixed small sight level of detail.
  • Fixed key/unbox button colors.
  • Fixed clamping vehicle/spectator camera pitch.
  • Fixed material on maple fortification.
  • Fixed flying barricade vehicle deathtrap issue.
  • Fixed refilling cobra/matamorez magazines with other sizes.

One thing I'm considering right now is making it so that Gold members can toggle Gold versions of their weapons as an extra bonus. For example on the Timberwolf the main black body part could become shiny Gold, or the barrel/bolt could be Gold accented. What do you think of this idea?