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Unturned Update Notes

  • Unturned Update Notes


  • Added Gold katana and desert falcon cosmetic skins for Gold members!
  • Added ability to equip Gold cosmetic skins from the cosmetic item menu.
  • Added racecar. [ID 77-84]
  • Added tractor. [ID 85]
  • Added bus. [ID 86]
  • Added military jeep. [ID 87-88]
  • Added yuri. [ID 1041]
  • Added yuri magazine. [ID 1042]
  • Added racetrack to default road bundle.
  • Added racetrack fence block #2.
  • Added bleacher #1.
  • Added baseball diamond #1.
  • Added agriculture equipment #1.
  • Added transit bench #1.
  • Added transit cover #2.
  • Added destroyed racecar.
  • Added destroyed tractor.
  • Added destroyed bus.
  • Added destroyed jeep.
  • Added unwrapped katana, timberwolf, zubeknakov, ace and desert falcon sources.
  • Added info about custom ambience to maps documentation.


  • Improved vehicle handling/responsiveness.
  • Improved vehicle networking/control smoothness.
  • Improved how clients update moving vehicles.
  • Improved reflective stips on firefighter/construction uniform.
  • Improved fuel filling object detection.


  • Tweaked gun damage dropoff when quality is low.
  • Tweaked militia item spawns on PEI.
  • Tweaked farm and military vehicle spawns on PEI.
  • Tweaked snayperskya/sabertooth range a bit higher.
  • Tweaked cobra recoil a bit higher and reduced damage.
  • Tweaked kryzkarek to accept ranger suppressor.
  • Tweaked heartbreaker damage a bit lower.
  • Tweaked size of campfire glow.
  • Tweaked katana blade curvyness.
  • Tweaked viper magazine appearance.
  • Tweaked cargo pant/parka armor a bit lower.
  • Tweaked military shirt/pant armor a bit higher.


  • Fixed shell casing direction in left handed mode.
  • Fixed window resize order issue causing tiny screen.
  • Fixed hat armor when not wearing pants.
  • Fixed crawler zombie ragdoll head flopping.
  • Fixed toggling headlights on vehicles without them.
  • Fixed viper inspect animation magazine.
  • Fixed character to randomize if loading outside range.
  • Fixed desert falcon durability loss.
  • Fixed scrapping matamorez.
  • Fixed displaying name of unknown item.
  • Fixed wearing astronaut shirt on feet.
  • Fixed case where arrows could take too much damage.
  • Fixed avenger magazine position.
  • Fixed duping by taking items out of destroyed crates.
  • Fixed kryzkarek animal damage.
  • Fixed bullet casing shinyness.
  • Fixed bunker basement door rotation.
  • Fixed resetting item packages list.

The katana and desert falcon were voted as the most desired weapons to see Gold which is why they were picked, but fear not several more of the top choices will quite likely see the same upgrade!