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Per-magazine Ballistic_Damage_Multiplier option; Zombies can be stunned when power-attacking or back-stabbing with the Critical Stuns mode configuration options; moved MasterBundleTool.cs to Sources/Tools/ and converted Hawaii + Greece to use it; Infinite_Ammo: true/false option for turrets; a specific tire item needs to be added to the Tire_ID option for cars.

Guns will also be able to use the Zombie stun overrides; object hash been enforced on vanilla maps; when fully equipping is tweaked, umbrellas will take effect.

Fixed issues include out-of-level zombies; level corners with out-of-bound checks; vehicle passengers and player armor with a multiplier less than one kill volumes; misformatting of featured workshop description that led to getting stuck when navigating back to the menu; dying and logging into the server simultaneously.

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