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  • Update Notes

Introducing the New and Exciting Curated Map: Canyon Arena!

SirAdy Unleashed, Renaxon and Danaby2 have released Canyon Arena, which is their newest and most spectacular arena map. You can find it in the game right now! It has a brand new setting, coupled with weapons and items from the respective era.


  • Guns will now jam when firing. More details at the end of the article.
  • Vehicles that only require batteries will now be supported. [Battery_Powered flag]
  • UI elements can now be disabled in the config options. To see an example of this, check out the Destruction map.
  • Visibility for UI elements can now be set with server-side plugins. [sendUIEffectVisibility].
  • Spectator and workzone overlay permissions can now be assigned with server-side plugins.
  • Canyon Arena map.



  • Instead of trying to locate empty locations nearby, which people wrongly use for teleportation through walls, you can retreat to a spawn point for safety using vehicle exit logic when there’s something obstructing the roof or doors.
  • You can now see the amount of crafting materials that can be earned from item scrapping through the skins/cosmetics menu.


  • More repeated skill hitting shots are needed for Matamorez scoped recoil.
  • To make the search for “Can” easier, it has been renamed to “Metal Can.”
  • You can no longer salvage a plate glass that has been tweaked.


  • The bulk of the problems with the physics-overlap-pushing-player.
  • Multiple *.content files can now be loaded even when their names are the same.
  • Loading can now handle terrain textures even when their number is unspecified.
  • Edge cases when create save files of large size.
  • Options file can be loaded even with the gold upgrade disabled.
  • A couple of crafting instances where deletion of ammo did not occur.
  • Being teleported and still being able to access storage afterwards no longer happens.
  • Barrel is now in perfect alignment with Ace bullets.
  • Incorrect shaders being used by a couple of objects in France have been corrected.
  • Menu inspect camera has correct anti-aliasing.
  • Forward rendering mode for Devkit viewport.
  • Small details on Mime's Knife and RULA Maplestrike.
  • After deletion of vehicle asset, barricades mounted to them will be re-associated.

Gun Jamming:

For jamming to be enabled, the "Can_Ever_Jam" flag can be included in gun assets. When a gun’s quality, which is a percentage, falls below the "Jam_Quality_Threshold," which is a value from zero to one, the gun will start jamming. Every shot you make will have "Jam_Max_Chance" when the gun’s quality