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Unturned Update Notes

  • Unturned Update Notes

50 salvaged materials Zero Kelvin Weapon Kit craftable is added on this latest update.

All Latest Tweaks:

  • Farms to be planted anywhere when Ignore Soil Restrictions is flagged.
  • To only apply within terrain bounds ; XZ border movement restrictions is tweaked.
  • Vehicle entry to check line of sight between player and their seat is tweaked
  • Vanilla teleport command to prevent teleporting to a player inside a vehicle is also tweaked.
  • Teleport helper functions to check for available space is the last tweak for this update.

All Latest Fixes:

  •    Makeshift vehicles disrespecting the buildable request event is fixed
  •    On Hawaii A particular tree using incorrect shader is fixed.
  •    Heavy Crossbow rope shader on France is fixed.
  •    Mac Highlight outlines is fixed.
  •    Running upgrade devkit tool on devkit objects is fixed.
  •    If asset type was changed Farm Update State  is fixed.
  •    On headless Linux server setting terrain textures is also fixed.

Misc Info:

Zero Kelvin Kit implemented after the last update.  All questions about using the ragdoll effects; particularly for freezing cause this implementation right away. By the way gold, silver or bronze effects will still be on. If you're planning on running an Unturned Community Contest let us know and share your thoughts.