Unturned Update Release Notes

  • Unturned Update Release Notes

An update for Unturned is been released as of 13th March 2019


Here are the key changes:

  • A resource drops multiplier has been added to config
  • An Origin crafting output flag has been added which can be set to one of World, Admin, Craft or Nature.Once set this flag will override the default origin type setting.
  • A sendSalvageTimeOverride RPC has been added for plugins
  • A sendRelayToServer RPC for plugins has been added to move a player to another server.
  • A Foliage Cut Radius setting has been added to the floor structure types.
  • A Kills Object condition type has been added that takes an Object GUID, as well as a Nav area, which is optional.
  • A Kills Object condition type has been added that takes an Object GUID as well as an optional Nav area.This setting requires destroying a certain number of objects.

Important Improvements:

  • There is an improved inventory search feature, which is useable whilst filtering stat counters.
  • There is an improved kill counter visibility to respect a skin visibility toggle.

Other Tweaks:

  • There is now an improved Quicksave button that replaces the Favourite button in Singleplayer mode.
  • There is now a tweaked Specs Ops Helmet


Other Fixes:

  • There’s a fix for stuck loading assets when the master bundle has failed to load
  • There’s a fix for the Blimp center of mass
  • The colliders on the Greek Backlash gub have been fixed
  • There’s fix to allow you to lean over waist-high walls
  • There’s a fix to the problem of forcing the camera into walls by leaning when running sideways
  • LOD issues with apple juice and canned beef have been fixed
  • There’s a fix to the potential causes of some workshop download fails