Unturned Update Notes

  • Unturned Update Notes


  • Ability to craft random mythical skins.
  • Accepted several limited-time skins to the Stockpile.
  • Child_Explosion_Armor_Multiplier to vehicle assets and server vehicle config
  • Added onDamageTireRequested event.
  • CollisionEventHook to ModHooks.


  • Voice data to be relayed through server. More details below.
  •  Stockpile Bundles to show preview images of all contained items.


  • Menu warning to show missing vehicle and buildable.
  • Seeds to no longer absorb explosive damage!


  •  Level hash to include lighting nodes, preventing editor enabling light underground.
  •  Shooting while walking into underwater not dequipping immediately.
  • Landscape tile seams when using pixel average smooth tool.
  • Connecting to IPs with whitespace in front/back.
  • Crediting player stats for explosive kills.
  • Ragdoll effects attached to rocket launchers.
  • Rockets going the wrong direction in multiplayer when aiming at rubble.

Mythic Crafting: Bet nobody saw this coming! Details:

  • Skin is randomly selected from all weapon skins including drops, crates, and stockpile items, but excluding unique trophy skins. Chance / weighting of each item are equal.
  • Mythic effect is selected from weapon-compatible set, and all effects have an equal chance of being selected.
  • Crafting requires x1,000 salvaged materials. This is an insane amount, and might be tweaked in the future. Keep existing mythics valuable, and incentive sinking large quantities of items out of the economy, so it had to be a large amount. One factor is that inevitably bots will buy up all the 3 cent items for ~$30 per crafted mythic.

Voice Relay:

Now this data is validated through the dedicated server and plugins can set allow Voice Chat to enable/disable voice for specific players?