Unturned Update with mixed reviews

  • Unturned Update with mixed reviews

There's been a recent update to Unturned with a release that has had some pretty negative feedback.

Here are the published changes;

Unturned Additions:

    A Spawn_Loadouts option has been added to per-level config similar to Arena_Loadouts.

    Added Should_Drop_On_Death true/false per-item option.

    Added onVehicleCarjacked event for plugins to prevent jacking cars.

    Added onOpenStorageRequested, onPreSave and onPostSave events.

    Added onEffectTextCommitted event for custom UI text fields.

    Added sendUIEffectText to directly change custom UI text.

    Added WeatherEventHook for custom objects to listen for day/night, full moon, rain and snow.

    Added Allow_Ctrl_Shift_Alt_Salvage to Preferences.json which enables fast bulk salvaging of items.

Unturned Fixes in

    Fixed validating attached items hash during equip rather than during attach.

    Fixed trying to instantiate missing barricade/structure assets.

    Fixed a kick if server stalled for more than one second.

    Fixed hashing trees in level when Should_Verify_Objects_Hash is enabled.


Some people have said that the;r mods no longer work, other say that the reported fixes haven't worked.

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