Update Notes - The Belgium Update

  • Update Notes - The Belgium Update

Unturned Patches - Belgium Update

Unturned is pleased to announce that the Belgium community map team has released a substantia; update, extended to 15th June.

Here are the Belgium update Notes:

Unturned Additions:

  • We;ve added a Belgium Poacher outfit as well as several curated workshop skins to the Stockpile.
  • We;ve added "Manage Subscriptions" button to the workshop play menu.
  • We've added Allow_Placement_On_Vehicle true/false barricade option, defaults to false for beds and sentries.
  • We;ve added Sentry_Freeform build type.
  • We;ve added onCraftingRequested event.
  • We've added Vulnerable_To_Fists true/false and Vulnerable_To_All_Melee_Weapons true/false options for resources.

Belgium Patch Improvements:

  • We;ve improved retired maps list to have icons, view on workshop and sub/unsub buttons.

Patch Tweaks:

  • Hawaii has been retired to the workshop. Maps which use Hawaii content can add the Hawaii Assets workshop item as a dependency, and now players can auto-subscribe to the map plus its dependencies through the in-game curated maps list.
  • Re-exported All_Shaders example package.
  • Included Pumpjack example package.


  • Fixed replicating plugin text/visibility RPCs.
  • Fixed applying ragdoll effect to arrow explosions.
  • Fixed zombie clothing when a shirt/pants texture is missing.
  • Fixed a couple bugs related to Should_Drop_On_Dear

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