Upturned Update Guide

  • Upturned Update Guide

Stockpile Changes:

    Two bundles created by the Candyland workshop map team have been added.

    Accepted several new curated workshop skins to the Stockpile.

Quality of Life in Updated

    Pause menu can be opened from death screen.

    Freecam and legacy editor camera speed can be adjusted.

    Version mismatch disconnects show the server's version.

    Cosmetics inventory automatically merges crafting material stacks.

    Player icons are shown on map while using spectator freecam.

Changes to the Servers:

    Anonymous dedicated server is now available separately from the game client as AppID 1110390. It contains the 64-bit Windows and Linux headless servers, and strips many client-only files to optimize download times and disk space.

    Dedicated server auto-downloads child workshop items from collections and dependencies.

    Added gameplay config option to retain primary/secondary equipment after death.

    Scam or inappropriate servers can now be blacklisted by regex.


Unturned Loading:

    Improved startup time by deferring some loading to the first time you enter each map. You can disable this with the "-NoDeferAssets" command-line option. For the moment this applies to vehicles and level objects because most assets are known by map load time.

    Display master bundle mounting progress.

    Show name of downloading workshop item if known.

Level Editing:

    Added per-level version numbers so that workshop maps can be updated smoothly.

    Added "Weather_Override" to level's Config.json which can be set to "Rain" or "Snow"

    Added "Use_Vanilla_Bubbles" true/false option to Level.config for disabling underwater bubbles.

    Added optional "GameMlocalization override per-map.

Unturned Mods:

    Added "_Auto_Equip" true/false option for NPC item rewards.

    Added "Should_Delete_After_Use" true/false option for consumeable items.

    Added "Can_Steal_Battery" true/false option for vehicles.

    Added "Projectile_Damage_Multiplier", "Projectile_Blast_Radius_Multiplier" and "Projectile_Launch_Force_Multiplier" for projectile ammo.

    Added "Ammo_Per_Shot" and "Fire_Delay_Seconds" numeric options for guns.

    Replaced gun Delete_Empty_Magazines flag with Should_Delete_Empty_Magazines true/false which now overrides action item mode.

Plugin Development:

    Added DamageTool zombieDamaged and animalDamaged events.

    Added "-SkipAssets" command-line flag. Useful for quickly iterating on server-side code.

    Added onSiphonVehicleRequested event.

    Tweaked onCraftingRequested to be easier to use as onCraftBlueprintRequested.


    Arena wall more visually appealing.

    Vehicles cannot be siphoned while locked.

    Projectile impacts ensure hit is not child of owner.


    Fixed item hotbar when client is missing an item asset.

    Fixed Greece not referencing Hawaii as a dependency.

    Fixed requesting vehicles on server exceeding max packet size.

    Fixed GameSense integration had not been enabled on build machine. "-GameSense" command-line option can be used to enable it. Note that only health, ammo, barrel quality and firemode are currently supported.