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The Rocket Wiki accesible at
is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) License.
You are free to share and adapt it for any purpose as long as you give appropiate
credit and license any derivations under the same license as the original.
See for the human-readable summary
and for the full license.


Rocket.Core, as a modding framework and tools collection to Unity 3D is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
You are free to share it as long as you give appropiate credit and
don't distribute modified versions.
See for the human-readable summary
and for the full license.
Copyright (C) 2015  RocketMod,


Unturned 3 is property of Smartly Dressed Games.
You are not allowed to change, mix or redistribute Unturned 3
unless permission is explicitly given by Smartly Dressed Games.
Copyright (C) 2015  Smartly Dressed Games


Rocket.Unturned, the Unturned 3 implementation of the Rocket Server Mod is licensed under GPLv2.
All plugins are automatically sub licensed under the same license.
Copyright (C) 2015  RocketMod,

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It is recommended that you start with a fresh install of Unturned 3 running the newest version of Rocket. We strongly recommend you to use SteamCMD instead of a Steam client to install and update Unturned 3 on your servers to reduce load.

Note: Installing Rocket on your Steam client will make the game unplayable. You can read more about SteamCMD in their Official Wiki, an example on how to download & update would look like this:
steamcmd +login +force_install_dir ..Unturned +app_update 304930 -beta preview -betapassword OPERATIONMAPLELEAF +exit
Once you have installed Unturned 3 backup the files

Download & Install

Download the latest Rocket and unzip it into the folder Unturned_DataManaged.

Installation of additional Plugins

Place the plugins into the folder
and any libraries under


You find the individual plugin configurations in the folders matching their name under


To add groups or add players to groups edit the file
Rocket Settings
To modify general Rocket settings you can edit the file

For More Info & Help visit The Official Wiki or The Rocket Foundation Official Site.