Griming Weapons Pack 1.2

  • Griming Weapons Pack 1.2
  • Griming Weapons Pack 1.2
  • Griming Weapons Pack 1.2
  • Griming Weapons Pack 1.2

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Okay, well Blender is a lot more annoying then I originally thought, meaning I probably won't be able to get much done.
Still, Trello: 

Weapons list:
1. Black Mamba (Primary)
Size: 3x2
Caliber: 9
ID: 1160
2. Mini Breacher (Secondary)
Size: 2x2
Caliber: 80
ID: 1120
Ammo ID: 1130
3. Karabin (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 50
ID: 1290
Ammo IDs: (in order of lowest ammo to highest) 1030, 1300, 1230
4. Nikomat (Primary)
Size: 4x2
Caliber: 90
ID: 4000
Ammo IDs: (in order of lowest ammo to highest) 12300, 1250
5. Patriot (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 70
ID: 1090
Ammo ID: 1110
6. Polarbear (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 2
ID: 1800
7. Razortongue (Secondary)
Size: 3x2
Caliber: 40
ID: 9900
Ammo IDs (lowest ammo to highest): 9800, 1000, 1251
8. SDP (Secondary)
Size: 3x2
Caliber: 30
ID: 9700
Ammo IDs (ammo: low to high): 9801, 1001
9. Steelton (Secondary)
Size: 3x2
Caliber: 60
ID: 1070
Ammo ID: 1080
10. Triple Grade (Secondary)
Size: 3x2
Caliber: 301
ID: 9797
Ammo IDs (ammo low to high): 9802, 9889, 9898
11. Wastelayer (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 100
ID: 1331
Ammo ID: 1221
12. Avtokov (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 99
ID: 1221
Ammo ID: 1330
13. Mogant (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 55
ID: 9010
Ammo ID: 1003
14. Kingdom (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 210
ID: 1223
Ammo ID: 2002
15. Union (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 211
ID: 4044
Ammo ID: 2002
16. Rambo (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 129
ID: 1329
Ammo ID: 1229
17. Eaglestrike (Primary)
Size: 5x2
Caliber: 1
ID: 4363
18. Maple (Primary)
Size: 3x2
Caliber: 1
ID: 3633
19. Lockpick (Secondary)
Size: 3x2
Caliber: 16
ID: 3808
20. Zubek (Primary)
Size: 3x2
Caliber: 9
ID: 1222
1. Ranger Scope
ID: 1530
Zoom: 4
1. GG. (Black Mamba Barrel)
ID: 1170
1. Ranger Binoculars
ID: 3333
Zoom: 16
2. Military Binoculars
ID: 4444
Zoom: 20 


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