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Now just to get this straight... This map isn't named after me. (Storm_epidemic) This map is inspired by the Unturned 2.0 map Arena. It is also a model of a island in Door County,Wisconsin (U.S) called "Chambers Island". Whitch accrualy exists in real life! this map is actually pretty fun so far on PVP but i get that its not all that interesting currently by your self. Now for the story (Skip if you only want details) The light house on Chambers Island was built in 1868 to keep Shipping Freighters and other small crafts such as sail boats from crashing into the island and to guide them to Green Bay (A major shipping area at the time along with Milwaukee, Both are still majorly active ports). The lighthouse and the small home were almost always occupied by a Keeper and their family. But since 1961 the poor dream home and lighthouse have been abandoned for a Lighthouse automation. Every year a Engineer and light house operator come to check on the Automated light house. That person is you. You are called in 3 months in advance to repair the light house's light, in fear it will go out. You crash into a un-seen rock formation and nearly drown. You swim to the near abandoned dock to recover. Can you survive until help arrives? Or will you die like the Lighthouse's light? But who knows what the old keepers left one the island... So the light house on Chambers island is one of 2 in the area (The other being on Cana island further north) I have actually visited the one in Cana island and it had quite the amazing view of the water and landscape. Since i haven't visited the one on Chambers island i modeled the lighthouse lay out with the one on Cana Island. Since nelson hasn't added animals or a renewable food source (Other then berries which i added) Finding food near the lighthouse will be easy for now... But this is still a Work in progress and ill be adding the abandoned summer homes (Built in 1984 to and sold to rich people). Chambers island is currently un-inhabited but people still own land there. The light house lens is also at the Green bay Maritime museum which I've actually seen. More Info: Have questions or suggestions? Email me at: Have fun! Mod Made By the Storm_epidemic If you are the creator of this content and wish to upload it onto Unturned-Planet under your own name then please do & this one w

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