Rancho Falls

  • Rancho Falls
  • Rancho Falls
  • Rancho Falls
  • Rancho Falls

Coolman916 1733 Views ~ Posted 23-05-2015

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Free to due as you wish as long as you link to the real creator.

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Rancho Falls is my map I made a few weeks back.

The map has alot of places but the main places being Ranch Town, Mili Base, George Town, O'Davidson Farm,etc.

The map is small but great with a group of friends. There are 2 treehouses on the map but im not telling you where there at :D. I update the map regularly and plan to make a new map in the future since summer is here will have more time to update maps.

I have a server but it not up all the time put plan to get a payed server to keep it up all the time server is ( and port is 27015) OR you can just go to the server browser and make sure to choose my map and just refresh.

I also stream unturned map making and playing at twitch.tv/coolman916. Author is coolman916 please make sure to give credit to me if you decide to make a video on it thankyou.

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