Bottomless Backpack

  • Bottomless Backpack

puhtreek 9894 Views ~ Posted 26-05-2015

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A very simple mod. Pretty much Alicepack on steroids.

17 x 250 (4,250 slots)


ID: 6331 


Huge Backpack with only 221 slots


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arx11 8 years ago

This mod wont work :/

Hybrid Gaming

Hybrid Gaming 8 years ago

Thank you! :D


puhtreek 8 years ago

There is no recipe for this backpack, sorry. Maybe in the future. And since this is a mod item, it won't spawn on PEI. You can spawn it by typing this in the chat:

@give (your username) / (item ID) / (optional: amount)

If you don't put an amount, it will give you one of that item.

Hybrid Gaming

Hybrid Gaming 8 years ago

Is there a crafting recipe or is it just spawns? if recipe, please let me know, if spawning, please let me know where.