M200 Intervention.

  • M200 Intervention.

pegashis 9171 Views ~ Posted 02-06-2015

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i know it aint perfect, also the thumbnail for the gun dont show but the rest works fine 


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The Polish

The Polish 9 years ago

That, my friend, is not the name of the rifle here posted, the real name in the CheyTec M200 Intervention. SRR-61 is the name given by DICE in BF4, which is incorrect, I suggest you rename it to the M200 Intervention.


mee_pro46 9 years ago

what i mean dayum is damn, im very happy someone created this gun but when in 1st person mode the run really small

make it bigger, watch this vid for reference


DABRIT 9 years ago



Took me a while to work out what you ment by dayum cheytac.


Anyways seems the Dayum Cheytac & SSR-61 are more a less the same.


mee_pro46 9 years ago

dayum cheytac