WRX's Clothes Pack

  • WRX's Clothes Pack

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Added plenty of military clothes 


Clothe's IDS: 


7700: Black Aviators 


7701: Golden Aviators 


7702: Yellow Aviators 


7703: Black Vest 


7704: Camo Bandana 


7705: Forest Alicepack 


7706: Hunting Backpack 


7707: Olive Vest 


7708: TKOS pants 


7709: TKOS shirt 



wellerson 4 years ago

how do i find these clothes on my map?

GötVerenKız 7 years ago

Güzel Mod



DABRIT 9 years ago

Your Mod has been apporved, If you need to update it or edit the Mod at any time please use the edit function on your submissions page located at http://www.unturned-planet.com/submission.php