Grove street: The horde

  • Grove street: The horde

CzachuPL 2718 Views ~ Posted 14-10-2015

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Oh no! Ballas are attackin' the Grove street! You have to stop them, so get your gun and make sure they won't get outta here in one piece! It's a small horde map meant to be set up in Los Santos from GTA San Andreas. You can explore each house. Inside you can find military crates. If you walk close to them you can buy weapones, ammo, meds and attachements. It's a great map to play on it on a server with friends. Sorry for my English, I'm still learning. CzachuPL

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CzachuPL 7 years ago

@Vanessadark Sorry but I don't understand you. Please write again in english, bacause when i translate it, it says: How do you lower these maps? and I don't know what are you talking about


Vanessadark 7 years ago

Como se baixa esses mapas?